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KCR-003​ - april 20, 2018

All songs written by YOU BIG IDIOT 
Produced by Shafer Carson
Engineered and Mixed by Shafer Carson 
Mastered by Jason Livermore at

The Blasting Room, Fort Collins, Colorado 
Recorded in the Pearson Family Basement and the Kinda Cool Studio
Design by Comination13

Thanks to Russian Tim, The Corps, ATD,

The Greatest Sons, Lachlan Jones,

Justin Pados, and Michaela Pontellini for additional vocals. 

Special thanks to Kristy-Lee Audette for playing a thousand instruments

on the end of Selfie, and to Trav Anema for helping us create some amazing videos. 

And a mega thanks to Reza and Sepideh

for creating the greatest donairs

a band could ask for! 

Enjoy your meal!