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ATD comes at you like a punch in the face with lightening quick vocals over shredding guitar, thick bass tones, and meteoric drumming. Formed half a decade ago, ATD is now composed of guitarists Joe Gieni and Morgan Farrell, bassist Dave Derksen, vocalist Ben VonDubya and drummer Marco Bieri.

ATD burst onto the Vancouver punk scene in 2015, debuting on a bill with legendary punks, The Real McKenzies. Since then, they’ve shared the stage with an array of notable acts including GBH, Leftover Crack, Days N Daze, The Flatliners, The Dreadnoughts and a heap of bands from Vancouvers plentiful local punk scene.

Recently having paired up with Kinda Cool Records for their self titled full length "A Total Disappointment”, ATD is just getting started, bringing their hardcore punk sound to continue kicking the crap out of whoever wants some. Plans to tour the shit out of their new record is on the horizon, so hold on to your nipples, ATD are coming your way, you won’t be disappointed.

Genre: Hardcore Punk 

Active: 2015 - present

FFO: SNFU, Dead Kennedys, Night Birds, Youth Brigade


Active members

Joe Gieni - Guitar

Dave Derksen - Bass

Marco Bieri Drums

Morgan Farrell - Guitar

Ben VonDubya - Vocals

KCR Releases:

ATD - A Total Disappointment (KCR-004)


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