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Vancouver skate/tech punkers Contra Code have been changing the game in the greater Vancouver area punk scene since 2011. Known for their tight musicianship and molten hot riffs, Contra Code peddles in a brand of metallic skate punk that should feel right at home for fans of Strung Out, Belvedere, and A Wilhem Scream. Since the release of their debut EP, Sickrad in 2013, this dynamic foursome has been raising the shred bar to near stratospheric heights. Led by vocalist/guitarist Paul Sarrazin, guitarist Branden Norris, bassist Tim Murray, and drummer Dave Leslie, Contra Code released their first full length, Wasted Already, in 2015. Fist raising, neck-snapping, throat-razing and teeth gnashing, Wasted Already demonstred a band firing on all creative cylinders.  Their highly technical approach to skate-punk songwriting finally found a ceiling--and broke through it.

It's with great pleasure to announce that the band has signed with Kinda Cool Records and will release their much anticipated sophomore effort, Friday Junior, on September 28, 2023.


Sick licks and starting pits. Contra Code is back. All hail the Code.

Genre: Melodic Skate Punk

Active: 2011-present

Active members

Paul Sarrizan - Lead Vocals/Guitar

Branden Norris - Lead Guitar/Vocals

Tim Murray - Bass/Vocals

Dave Leslie - Drums/Vocals

KCR Releases:

Contra Code - Friday Junior (KCR-011)


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