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DIE JOB is a melodic punk band from East Vancouver, Canaduh.

When they're not writing protest songs that punch holes in the fabric of society, they're writing sardonic songs to help them cope with the madness of being alive. Dark Comedy and happy little melodies. Word play. Storytelling. Shit-talking. A search for honesty. “It’s funny how many people got mad at me over the poetry on this album. I figured it was par for the course - straight ahead, punk rock dogma. You know, attacking the police, dreaming of dead politicians, and maybe not ..always .. spitting out the mouthwash at the end?? … Just me??”
Die Job ‘feels pop punk but not in a Machine Gun Kelly featuring Travis Barker way. It feels pop punk in the grimy way, the 924 Gilman way, the honest way. Die Job’s debut album is a snot nosed kid with the talent to back them up.’ -
Snot nosed? Pop Punk!? Pshhh… Critics, Who needs em.

Genre: Punk Rock 

Active: 2019 - present


Active members

Cyrus Lord - Vocals / Guitar

Jessie Rockley - Viola / Vocals

Jesse Death - Bass / Vocals

Dane Becker - Drums

KCR Releases:

Die Job - Die Job (KCR-005)


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