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Die Job is a melodic punk rock band from East Vancouver.

When they're not writing protest songs that poke fun and punch holes in the fabric of society, they're writing songs to help them cope with the madness of being alive. They think they're funny. Many do not. Die Job has been told they could have a future on the radio, if they didn't swear so much. Is it their fault so many things rhyme with fuck!? Die job is inspired by everything they love and hate. They mostly listen to music performed by untalented psychopaths, dead junkies, and ungrateful suburban cry babies. They don't expect you to enjoy their musical influences, but if YOU'RE under the influence, you might enjoy them. They're proud to be part of the Kinda Cool family, mostly because of the label's unwavering and unironic dedication to devil worship. Right Shafe?
They're currently working on their debut album, set to be released sometime before the apocalypse.

Active: 2019 - present

Genre: Punk Rock


Active members

Cyrus Lord - Vocals / Guitar

Jessie Rockley - Viola / Vocals

Dane Becker - Drums

KCR Releases:

Die Job - Die Job (KCR-005)


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