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Rong is a Canadian rock band showcasing a tasteless amount of riffs and fills. After jumping head-first into the Vancouver music scene in 2018, Rong began recording with Shafer Carson and released their debut EP on Kinda Cool Records in the summer of 2019. 

Coming out of the lockdown with a slightly modified roster,

Rong will be moving forward as a power trio after the addition of Sophie Heppell on bass. Adding that to the power and skill of Jen Foster's drumming and Kristy-Lee Audette's ultimate bad-assery, a Rong show is a can't-miss event. With plans to release a few more tunes, and a full-length album in the not so distant future, Rong will have a lot for you to be on the lookout for.

Active: 2018 - present

Genre: Punk/Rock 


Active members

Kristy-Lee Audette - Vocals/Guitar

Sophie Heppell - Bass/Vocals

Jen Foster - Drums

KCR Releases:

Rong - (.) (KCR-002)


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