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Rong is a Canadian rock band exhibiting a tasteless amount of riffs and fills. Busting onto the scene in 2018 with their debut EP (.) ...pronounced ‘Period’ …they're kicking off 2023 with their premiere full-length, Würst. Kristy-Lee Audette, Jen Foster, and Sophie Heppell come together to form a power trio whose explosive live show draws people together and fists to the sky. You're gonna wanna check this out, so tune in, turn up, and get down.

Genre: Punk/Rock 

Active: 2018 - present 


Active members

Kristy-Lee Audette - Vocals/Guitar

Sophie Heppell - Bass/Vocals

Jen Foster - Drums

KCR Releases:

Rong - (.) (KCR-002) 

Rong - Würst - (KCR-007) 


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