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The Still Spirits are a 6-piece yardcore band from the backwoods of Maple Ridge. For over a decade they've been selling an intoxicating blend of bluegrass, spiked with the pure passion of punk rock, all across Western Canada. Bringing a thirst quenching fury to dance floors and back yard barn-burners, these fine fellows present a live energy that can only truly be experienced properly amongst the thriving crowds at one of their hooch fueled hootenannies. From their humble beginnings as street buskers, rehearsing and recording their first EP in their own shine shack, to the sweat soaked stages across countless clubs, dives and speakeasies, one thing remains certain:


If The Still Spirits are in your town, you better ready your livers and shine up your dancing shoes!

Genre: Bluegrass, Folk Punk, Yardcore 

Active: 2011-present

FFO: Larry & His Flask, Old Man Markley, Devil Makes Three


Active members

Erik 'Skiff' Kallweit - Lead Vocals/Banjo/Sax

Jonny 'Bones' Aaron - Lead Backing Vocals/Guitar

David ' Daddy Longlegs' Gough - Bass

Willie 'Be Sober' Navarro - Drums/Vocals

Jeremy 'Dumb Stumps' Addinel - Washboard/Vocals

Wes 'Chesterson' Coderre - Mandolin/Harmonica/Vocals

KCR Releases:

(Nothing to see here...)


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