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Fast, fun, and dumb.

You Big Idiot combines melodic punk rock with ridiculous theatrics to create a unique and horrifying musical experience. Each YBI show comes complete with costumes, theme music, and comedic idiocy. With songs referencing 90's movies, local eateries, and strange sitcom situations, mixed in with a few fast and furious cover songs, You Big Idiot quickly delivers a lot of dumb, and a lot of fun.

Genre: Skate Punk 

Active: 2009-2010, 2014-present

FFO: NOFX, Lagwagon, No Use For A Name


Active members

Colin Pearson - Vocals

Shafer Carson - Bass/Vocals

Chris Hogan - Guitar/Yells 

Cyrus Lord - Guitar/Vocals

Steve Pearson - Drums

KCR Releases:

The Vanberries (KCR-001) 

You Big Idiot - Mega Donair (KCR-003) 

Kinda-Coustic Vol. 1 (KCR-009) 

You Big Idiot - East Vanity (KCR-010)


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